Marigold Credit Company lends you the tax money,
and the loan payments are covered for you.

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The Equivalent of 30-Year Tax Deferral

Marigold Credit Company now issues advance, contingent loan commitments to prospective sellers of capital assets (commercial real property, residences, mineral rights, partnership interests, corporate stock, professional practices, art collections, and so on) to lend to them an amount of money that will equal or exceed the tax cost of selling the asset.

The loan term can be for as long as 30 years.

At the same time, Marigold Credit will introduce you to a company which may agree to purchase your asset in such a way that your repayment of Marigold Credit's loan to you will be fully funded for you and in such a way that Marigold Credit will agree to limited recourse accordingly.

Marigold Credit lends you the tax money for 30 years, your repayment cost is covered for you, and Marigold Credit limits your repayment risk accordingly. Don't you agree that is the equivalent of complete tax deferral for 30 years?

Business or Investment Purpose for the Loan

The one restriction on your use of the loan proceeds is that you apply them to a business or investment use which you select, such as to pay business debt (including whatever debt may pertain to the property or other asset which you wish to sell).

Loan Qualification

If your sale contract will generate sufficient cash flow to cover your repayment of Marigold Credit's loan to you, that's the only loan qualification you'll need.

No Lien Required, Usually

If Marigold Credit is satisfied with the demonstrated repayment cash flow, we do not typically require a lien on what you are selling or on anything else.

Loan Servicing, Accounting and Reporting

Marigold Credit Company's preferred long-term escrow partner for loan servicing is Alpha Lending, LLC, of Boise. Alpha Lending will provide automatic long-term processing for your cash flow from your sale and, from that, your loan re-payments. Alpha Lending will provide you with annual accountings and tax reporting for interest received and paid.

One Loan Commitment for Multiple Sales of Assets

Marigold Credit Company's loan commitment to you can function as a contingent line of credit on which, if you choose, you may draw from time to time as you sell capital assets in one or more transactions. It's financing that's ready to go, ready when you are, and ready each time you are.